$249.99 each with bag- $199.99 with promo- 5 year warranty. Children put up/down in 2:00. Weighs 15 lbs. Questions? Text 647-991-3528. "Every child should have a goal"®️is our motto. We design and manufacture portable soccer nets that empower your child to play independently. How? Children carry Eznets over their shoulders and set them up and down all by themselves safely. An added bonus is that Eznets are Canadian-made and last 5 years and more.

Above, please see a few of our repeat customers. We were soccer parents who got tired of all the nets we bought for our children, and decided to make our own. It took 7 years to design, test and complete. Eznet5x7's are only $249.99 each and come with a 5-year warranty. Use your coupon or promo code ELBOW to pay $199.99 until September 1, 2018.

Talk/Text: 647-991-3528
9-5 EST Office Answers
Brampton ON Canada

Valid to September 1/2018

:59 video demonstrates lightweight, durable, and easy.

Our “elbow joint technology” was awarded 3 United States patents: frame bends but does not break.

Children easily slide thinner tubes into fatter tubes, until the frame is together in about 1 minute.

 The mesh is so easy and it does not tangle. Children simply hook the red strap in the middle to start.

Next, children can hook each loop around each corner in 30 seconds. Thick “ribbing” holds the frame, but lets it move.  The mesh is off the ground.

Children train, exercise and play on their own. They feel proud each time they assemble their Eznet5x7, especially in front of friends and family.

Your child can carry their new toy all over the place, set it up everywhere, then tuck it under their bed at night. Eznet5x7 promotes independent play.

Look at this proud, confident child, who set up Eznet5x7 all on his own! (submitted by family)


While putting together and taking apart their Eznet5x7, children enhance their visual-spatial, visual-motor, planning and organization skill set. See this unscripted 5:00 video with children putting their Eznet5x7 up the first time.

“Every child should have a goal.”®

Eznet has given us the opportunity to meet such wonderful people, whom we would have never met otherwise.  Thank you to all the great people from the organizations above whom we met through having invented the Eznet.

You will have your Eznet  in 2-3 business days in Canada. 

If you have not yet decided, we respect that. We are a soccer family. Here is some more information to help you decide that you want an Eznet5x7 today.




Click Instagram for videos of Eznet at the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow and Norway, Hometown Hockey With Ron MacLean, Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer centre stage,  London TFC, Hershey Centre and Tim Horton’s Field. Listen to honest Eznet families, coaches and teachers, who will help you feel great about purchasing your family’s Eznet today.

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