Tom Stewart lived in a van in a downtown Toronto laneway. He became a TV series Creator and Executive Producer. He went out to buy a good soccer net for his daughters. He could not find one, so he invented one: Eznet. Eznet is in 25 countries, with prestigious customers and partners. Children put Eznet up and down, carry it in a shoulder bag, and adults cannot break its patented flexible frame.

00:59 video proves Eznet is lightweight, durable, and easy.

Customers & Partners


Talk/Text 647-991-3528 or Email: with any questions.  8am – 8pm EST  Tom and Lynne Stewart, married 37 years, former soccer parents, are the Owner/Operators.

Eznet Inc. is a school board and club recognized, insured, registered Canadian company with an  office in our home, 1 Jeffrey Street Brampton ON Canada and factory Partners in Guelph and Georgetown, Ontario and Dongguan City, China. 


$249.99 each

$199.99  each [with Coupon Code]

The Coupon Code is CANADA until September 1, 2018.

Unique Features

  • SIZES: 2 sizes in 1. Eznet 5’H x 7’W tips over to become 4’H x 7’W (approx.)
  • WEIGHT: Children carry Eznet5x7 over their shoulder– Eznet5x7 weighs 7kg  (7- 1 litre bottles of water); Eznet4x6 weighs 4.5kg.
  • ASSEMBLY: Children put Eznets up and down by themselves in minutes. Doing so they develop kinesthetic, social, planning  and co-operative play skills.
  • DURABILITY: The Eznet frame is manufactured from industrial-grade polypropylene. The Eznet mesh is commercial-grade fishing net that does not tangle.  It easily hooks onto the corners in 1 minute. It requires no stringing or clips. Each is protected with a 5 year titanium-based UV agent.
  • DISTINCT: The Eznet “elbow joint” was awarded 3 U. S. Patents.  Eznet’s bendable, full rectangular frame with flexible crossbar is safe and child-friendly. Proof? London District Catholic School Board tested all nets, ordered 100 Eznets and re-ordered. “We love them.” Graham Gress LDCSB.
  • TRANSPORT: 6 Eznets fit in a car trunk and 40 in a family van, with the rear seats removed.
  • WARRANTY: There is a 5 year unconditional warranty with normal use and abuse, even by professionals, on all manufactured Eznet parts of both the frame and mesh. The bag will last 5 years, but cannot be guaranteed because some people drag them on roads.

The Story

Canadian soccer dad, Tom Stewart, is a former homeless man, who became a TV Executive Producer and a Discovery Channel Host.  When he could not find a portable soccer net with the features that he wanted for his daughters, he made one. Eznet is now in 25 countries. It is recognized world-wide for its innovative design.


Darren Hodkinson is a soccer dad and coach with Notre Dame HS, Ajax, ON. Darren has had 6 Eznets for five years. “The Eznet design is perfect for our family, school and club. It works.”


Eznet5x7 Assembly Video

5x7 Set-Up Video


Our “elbow joint technology” was awarded 3 United States patents: frame bends but does not break.

Children easily slide thinner tubes into fatter tubes, until the frame is together in about 1 minute.

 The mesh is so easy and it does not tangle. Children simply hook the red strap in the middle to start.

Next, children can hook each loop around each corner in 30 seconds. Thick “ribbing” holds the frame, but lets it move.  The mesh is off the ground.

Children train, exercise and play on their own. They feel proud each time they assemble their Eznet5x7, especially in front of friends and family.

Your child can carry their new toy all over the place, set it up everywhere, then tuck it under their bed at night. Eznet5x7 promotes independent play.

Look at this proud, confident child, who set up Eznet5x7 all on his own! (submitted by family)


While putting together and taking apart their Eznet5x7, children enhance their visual-spatial, visual-motor, planning and organization skill set. See this unscripted 5:00 video with children putting their Eznet5x7 up the first time.




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