“Will it fit in my car?”

40 fit in a regular van. 2-4 in a car trunk. 100’s in a garage!


“Is it heavy to move around?”

About 10 pounds and carries in a shoulder bag.


“How easy is it to put up and down?”

Children do it in three minutes.


“Will it last?

So far, not a cracked frame or torn mesh in five years.


“What about cold or backyard rinks?”

No problem. It is polypropylene not PVC.


“Is it guaranteed?”

Yes, completely for at least 3 years with normal use and abuse.


“Can I use it in my house?”

Yes. Will not scratch floors. Great for rec rooms.


“Is it affordable?”

We could make it less quality, but won’t- $119 and $199.


“What is the true difference?”

The true innovation, with 3 patents, is that it turns a light plastic net into an exo-skeletal absorbing system that is different in every way: light, easy, tough and safe.


“I just bought a steel net, which my kids wanted, like the NHL.”

Many families buy Eznet as a second net because it is so convenient to use and fun to have. If you travel, the kids will set it up and play on their own. Also, this is often their child’s first net because it looks like a real net, is easy and they can play with it at just 3 years of age.